Why No One Reads Your Blog

By | March 31, 2016

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are some bad blogs out there. Let me clarify, there is some great information out there but I just can’t get past the pop-ups. You know, the annoying message that pops up asking you to join their mailing list? Ok, I get it. The writer needs to make money and this is what has been working. Great, you do your thing. My issue comes with the pop-up that won’t go away. You have no idea how many times I have left a site because the “pop-up”, which blocks the article, did not offer some kind of exit away from it.

The other thing I dislike, that the site is so weighed down with ads that the article I came to read never loads. I kid you not, this happens to me a lot. Let me clarify by saying that I have super fast internet. We currently host servers out of our home and have a business level Internet service. If I cannot reach the site using my business level Internet, how is someone going to view it using residential service?

I am not saying that my blog is the poster child for how to do a blog. I am still constantly tweaking and fixing. Heck, I still cannot decide on a theme. Though, I know what I dislike which is why I take a more simplified approach.

The thing that I ask all blog writers is to examine YOUR blog. Go to a library or public computer and visit your own site. Don’t log into your site, just visit it as a visitor. Pay attention to roadblocks and load time. This may just turn into an eye-opening experience for you.

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