Urthbox June 2014 Classic Box Review

By | June 30, 2014


So I am trying something new these next few months.  I have jumped in with both feet into the subscription box craze.  Of course, being a thrifty mom means that i searched out great deals to never pay full price.  I purchased a my Urthbox 3 month subscription from Plum District last month.  This deal took the price to $16.34/box.  I thought the deal was worth it so I went ahead and signed up.

The issue I have with the subscription boxes is the wait.  We live in an instant world with instant gratification.  The idea of waiting on “snail mail” is somewhat torturous.  Though, the wait is worth it.  I received my box on a hot hot day on Thursday.  This is one flaw with food subscription boxes.  If you don’t work from home, your fabulous box is forced to sweat it out in the hot sun.  If I was going to do this again, I would pick cooler months to get the goods.  Opening the box was a treat.

photo (3)

I counted a total of 12 items,  There seemed to be a little bit of everything in there.  All the major food groups were proudly represented including snacks, chocolate, and drinks.  For a small box, it really packed a huge punch!  Everything in the box was a “new” product to me.  That was the exciting part.  These are also full size items.  There are no samples here so you are getting a true taste of everything you would buy in a store. After doing some quick math, I determined the value of the box to be around $26.  Of course, that is not including the cost of gas you would use to go to the store and any tax you would have to pay with your purchase.  So – this box is an awesome deal at a savings of 38% off retail online costs!


Urthbox offers a variety of boxes including vegan, diet, and gluten-free.  I decided to go along with the classic so Matchdad would participate in the munchies.  Lets just say Matchdad is not a fan of “alternative” foods. This is a great way to introduce healthy, earth conscious snacks to your family without breaking the bank. This box of joy is taking a road trip with the family up north. Hopefully the boys will appreciate the goodness I’m about to lay on them. 🙂

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