Under The Nile Eco Toy Review

By | May 3, 2014


We received an Under The Nile toy in our April Citrus Lane box. These famous fruits and veggies toys are fun, sized right, and safe for little mouths to chew on. We received “grapes” in our box.

The grapes are made of 100% GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton and are approximately 8 inches tall. Though there are other designs, we are happy we received the grapes because it is easy to hold and a perfect size for lil man.


When I first received the toy, I visited the website and found it very easy to navigate. I was able to find quick and easy cleaning directions without searching. With an anxious baby on my hands, I do not have time to search websites for needed information.

After cleaning, I inspected the toy to make sure there were no loose strings and I must say that this is a solid product. It is firm yet soft. The bottom of the toy is round chewable grapes but the top is a sweet faced character. The colors are very natural and, in a way, soothing. I always appreciate toys that are soft yet rich colors.


I quickly handed it over to lil man to inspect. Right away, I noticed the design made it easy for his little hands to hold. There was no struggle or awkwardness. He soon “tasted” the grapes. He was really taking a bite out of them and chewing a lot. I really feel we have a winner here.

I find that the design and materials are a perfect match for early teethers. We still have a few months before the teeth erupt but I feel this design accommodates that early “chew” need. The toy is soft, no jagged edges, and is gentle. It may not be a great “chew” toy once teeth erupt but it is the perfect toy at this time in his life.

Thank you Under The Nile for including one of your toys in our Citrus Lane package. We are so happy to learn about the great toys you offer.

Product Guide:

** The products reviewed above were purchased by me through Citrus Lane. These products were not given to me for free. My review above is an honest review of the items I received in my purchased Citrus Lane box.

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