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By | January 28, 2015


In a time where everything we do seems to be tracked, why not make a little money from it. I am very protective of my family’s “footprint” in society. I rarely sign up to be a part of “tracking” programs that track my purchases. Though, I have several grocery cards. They track all my purchases and send me coupons to fit my needs. After some research, I decided to further research some companies that will at least give me money for my purchase efforts. Below are a few of the programs that I currently use.

Though by track my purchasing behavior, they only track what I purchase. They are not requesting information about my personal life like salary and family info. The links below are referral links so I will get small kickbacks (points) when you sign up.

Ebates: This site was introduced to me last month and I wish I would have known about it sooner. I make a majority of my purchases online. This site partners with a lot of online retailers to give you money for your purchases. One purchase earned me $7 which was added to my PayPal account. It was way to easy not to do. So, I signed up and have been reaping the benefits ever since. If you are looking for a program to start with, this is the one. Very easy to use and available for mobile phones too!

SwagBucks: This one, I do not use very much but I have many friends who use this regularly.  You received points for shopping and doing surveys.  These points can be used for gift cards.  Personally, I prefer the cash to giftcards.  Still, a great one to add to your list and it is available for PC or mobile phone

ShopKick: Welcome to my new addiction.  This app allows you to collect “kicks” just for walking into certain stores.  I am all about earning points for shopping.  Another great benefit, you can earn points for scanning items.  That is right, points for buying nothing.  Now were talking!  These kicks aka points can be used for gift cards.  The selection of retailers is quite large and the promotions are great.  I received 100 kicks just for walking into Best Buy.  Nice!  This is only available for IPhone/Android

Ibotta: I learned about Ibotta from a co-worker who attended one of those “extreme couponing” workshops.  I started using it and like how it works.  What I like about Ibotta i the variety.  You get straight up cash for purchases.  these purchases range from restaurant to beer/wine.  Lots of variety and very easy to use.  I will admit, I do not use this one as much as I should only because I don’t always purchase the items listed.  When I do though, I am sure to use it.

What is your favorite “make money” app?  Place your referral link below and share the wealth!

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