Summertime Fun Series: TinkerCrate

By | June 23, 2016


If you have been following this blog for a while, you will know that I love myself some subscription boxes. I love not knowing what I am getting and the “Christmas-like” excitement when opening a box. Love it to pieces.

Since our income had made a change earlier this year, I pulled back from sub boxes because the cost was just not justified. Sub boxes are a luxury item in my opinion. They are a treat when you have some disposable income to burn unless  you are able to find the deal of the century then it is worth it. That was my motivation with TinkerCrate.

TinkerCrate, which is a member of the KiwiCrate Monthly Subscription box family – is for ages 9-16. They are a STEM mystery box that has a project in it that expands your child’s imagination and creativity while teaching them math, science, and history.

My oldest is going to have a few weeks in the summer months where there will be no camps to attend. Sure, he could play outside – which he will – but I still need to have activities on hand for rainy days.

One of the crates we received was a trebuchet. I had no idea what that was until I checked out the TinkerCrate website and watched their “Inside the Crate” videos explaining all that is included. I see how they mix history, science, and math all in one for a fun learning experience. This looks so fun that I want to make this!

I started buying TinkerCrate this winter and packing the boxes away for a “rainy day”. Now, I have been able to save up several boxes and I have a quick activity I can give him in a pinch. I was also able to get a great deal on a TinkerCrate subscription during their “Black Friday” deal.

It is not too late to get TinkerCrate or any boxes from Kiwi and save them for a rainy day activity.

Click on the TinkerCrate link and check out the deal. You can get $10 off your subscription. Use it with Ebates and earn an additional $10. Please note: These are referral links and I do receive credit/money for clicking on my links and making a purchase. These extra funds assist with this blog maintenance so I thank you very much!

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