Summer Learning

By | July 25, 2017

So school is out and the summer drain is upon us. As the summer lingers on, my boys forget more and more about all the amazing things they learned the previous school year – by choice of course. Unfortunately, we live in a different time than when we were kids. Competition is high and kids are forced to keep the learning going.

I honestly believe that you can have both worlds. Yes, give the kids a break but keep the learning going by keeping it fun. Here are a few ideas we are using this summer to keep the learning moving forward but keeping it fun.

CAMPS: Summer camp time is here. Instead of filling their schedules with their old camp favorites, I switched it up a bit. I signed my oldest up to camps that were a bit out of his comfort zone but would still be fun. One was an invention camp that involved a lot of group work. He is an independent thinker so learning to work in a group is key to being successful. After a week, he walked away loving his team and learning a new skill -Team Work!

DVDS: We are on the road a lot traveling so what better way to educate than through DVDs! nCircle Entertainment has some amazing educational dvds like the cute and entertaining KIWI! Kiwi – Season 1 is a collection of over 2 hours of phonics learning that is entertaining to your little one.

GAMES: Pinterest is a wonderful source of games and entertainment that make learning on the road fun! Games like license plate bingo and the old standby “I Spy” are great for learning but also having fun!

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