Subscription Box Junkie

By | June 28, 2015

i admit it, I LOVE subscription boxes.  I love the surprise each month.  I get excited when I see the box in the mail box just waiting to be opened up and explored.  I love learning about new products and showing them off to the social media world.  It is like Christmas once a month!  I live sub boxes so much,each member of my family used to receive one!
We had baby receiving Citrus Lane while big boy enjoyed his monthly Nerd Block Jr.   Daddy used to receive Birchbix and I indulged in Ipsy.  Notice, I said “used to receive”.  

So what happened?  Why did I lose that loving feeling?

The concept of sub boxes is brilliant.  I mean, you can get a sub box for just about any hobby or liking – healthy eating, monthly periods, clothes.  The downside is that I have yet to find a monthly box that can go beyond the 6 month mark without repeats.  At first everything is new and fun but after a few months, you find your cabinet filling up with samples of facial scrub and body lotion.  Sure, they might be different brands but can’t one space out the amount of lotion one gets?

And let’s talk about the kid boxes.  My older boy will play with anything that is not “girlie” or pink.  He does not discriminate when it comes to boy toys.  Yet his newest Nerd Block sits on the dining room table.  After the initial opening, the thrill was gone.  “Mama, I already have this” he exclaimed as he dug deeper into the box.  Yep, I spent almost $20 on a box full of toys he is not playing with because he already has them from previous boxes.  I would rather take that money and use it towards something he would love to play with.

I am not slamming sub boxes in anyway.  I love them to pieces.  What I am saying is that a sub box is more of a “good for now” solution but don’t expect a long term relationship to develop from it.  Just enjoy it I. The moment and then know when it is time to move on.

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