Spring Break “On The Way” Travel List

By | April 30, 2017

So traveling with kids is hard. Like really hard. We drove over 14 hours (over 2 days) to Florida and we survived. We had some tricks up our sleeves which helped us survive the long trip. This is my list of survival items that will help vacation start the moment you enter the car…

1 – Snacks Snacks and More Snacks: Nothing says roadtrip like some tasty snacks and yummy drinks to make the time go faster. We did attempt to mix it up and stop so we could stretch our legs and enjoy the scenery but taking our snacks with us saved time and money. Some of our favorites for the trip were…

Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies – yummy organic goodness in a bunny shaped cheddar cracker.

Haribo Gummy Bears – A little sweet bear that will keep them happy when things begin to fall apart.

Honest KIDS Juice Drink – these drink boxes are great to fit in small spaces, easy to put a straw in, and take up minimal trash space.

2 – Entertainment: Car dvd players are a lifesaver and can really make the time go by so quickly. One thing I always try to do is bring at least 1-2 NEW dvds for the kids to each watch. This will keep them interested for a long time. Our choices for the trip were 2 new features from nCircle Entertainment.

Sonic Underground** – Over 7 hours of Sonic the Headgehog goodness. This was a great selection for our 10 year old. He watched each episode and never wanted to leave the car during breaks.


Pocoyo Playtime** – This was a perfect selection for our 3 year old. The bright colors and short episodes really made our lil guy happy. This also featured a music section which provided entertainment beyond just the episodes.


3 – Headphones: Last year, we talked about our love of CozyPhones** and this year was no different. These soft headphones were excellent during the trip. The kids each had a pair and were able to watch and sing with their videos as mom and dad enjoyed the sweet silence.

4 – Have Your Travel Kits: When traveling with kids, you have to be ready for anything. Welcome to my tried and true survival kits list.  These items have helped me in many ways beyond explaining. Like a Boy Scout – be prepared.

We stopped at a hotel both ways to break up the trip and give us all a good night’s rest. Check out our tips on hotel living.

I hope this little list will help you on your next survival mission.

**I received this item for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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