Skeeter Nut Free Cookies Tasting

By | August 16, 2015

We had an opportunity, through Moms Meet, to sample the amazing Skeeter Nut Free Cookies!  Skeeter Nut Free has so many varieties of snacks including cinnamon grahams, chocolate grahams, and chocolate chip cookies for the entire family to enjoy.  They are the perfect sweet snack for kids and adults regardless of nut allergies.

I pulled together my Moms Meet members and sponsored a tasting of this tasty treat. The cookies were a huge hit with everyone!  We loved every single bite and could not get enough.

The parents loved that the cookies are nut free and the ingredients were basic. No strange fillers or confusing ingredients. The kids loved the flavors and of course the company mascot, Skeeter!  Though we did not have any nut allergies in our group, many of us agreed that this is a great item to have on hand for group functions and school events where treats may be offered.

Skeeter is available in most major grocery store chains and Amazon.  The website mentions several new flavors are coming soon which I’m sure will be amazing as well.  Thank you Skeeter and Moms Meet for selecting us for this wonderful tasting.


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