Single Task Challenge

By | October 27, 2016

We live in a multi-tasking world. It seems like I am required to multitask 10 x more than our parents before us. With smart phones and email access and work requirements, we are multitasked to the bone. Science has proven that multitasking is actually unhealthy for your body and brain. If you are chugging along and quickly switch gears to another task, the brain does not have time to catch up. It can take the brain up to 15 minutes to adjust to the new task. This means that even though you are on to task #2, the brain is still on #1.  This can lead to incomplete or incorrect task completion because your full focus is not on it. Our brains need a break. We need to simplify our lives.

Ok, I hear your screams “whatever lady“. I realize this is easier said than done so I send out this challenge that I am working hard to fulfill. I am trying to add this into little tasks I do. For example, if I am watching TV – then I will watch TV. I will not scroll on my phone or try to do bills for the week. I will watch TV. When I am having a conference call with a client, I will not also try to catch up on my email. I will put all my focus on the call. I will work to give 100% perfect of my focus when I can. When I have to switch gears, my 100% focus will then go to that task.

So how does the queen of all multi-tasking – mom – make this happen. You put down the phone and you focus on your kids, If you’re at the playground, put down the phone and focus on your kid. If your child asks you a question, you stop the previous task and move 100% of your focus to your child.

I understand that this may be unrealistic and is not something you can do 100% of the time. But when the opportunity arises to do so…DO IT. Take this opportunity to bring less stress and anxiety to your life if even for 1 hour a day. You will feel less mental fatigue and more happiness.


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