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By | August 1, 2012

I enjoy shopping at thrift stores and Goodwills. I can always find amazing deals that cannot be topped. Many people have told me that they can never find anything! True – these places are hit or miss but here are some great tips to help you grab those great deals:

1 – Find out when new shipments are placed out. One of my favorite stores closes on Monday to stock. They open at 10am on Tuesday with all the new stock. I make sure to get there by lunchtime to get first pick of the great deals.

2 – Do you have time to volunteer? Many of these places will allow you “first pick” of the items before they hit the floor. This gives you a chance to root through the bags and find what you want.

3 – Visit often. I have a few places that I visit each week. This allows me to get familiar with what is out there and only focus on the new items on the racks. It also saves me time in the long run.

4 – Don’t be afraid to buy clothing too big. No matter what the weather is like, a kid will always wear t-shirts and sweatshirts. Sometimes, winter clothes are not available until summer and summer until winter. I buy what I call “basics” all year around. I then store the clothing in plastic bins in the closet. That way – I have them when they are needed.

5 – Shop on sale days. Many places have 50% off days on Tuesdays or Wednesday 25% off days. Take advantage! This is a great time to buy all those basics and clothes for later.

6 – Be frugal. Even though it is a thrift store, it does not mean cheap. Many places have become knowledgeable about labels and price based on the maker. If it is a “must have” item, then buy it. But keep your prices low. For me, I will not buy t-shirts and pants from a Thrift store that is priced over $3.

With these tips, you will start buying some amazing items. For me? I have 2 rules that I follow:

1 – It must be under $3 (though I prefer $1-2)
2 – It must be designer (Ralph Lauren, Osh Kosh, Tommy Hillfiger, etc).

Good luck bargin hunting!!

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