Disaster Free Dining with SparkzBaby

I am that parent on the floor at the restaurant cleaning up all the crumbs and chicken nugget pieces that have been flung on the floor by my kids. I feel this is NOT the job of the server but the parent to leave an environment in equal or somewhat better condition than it was found. Some of… Read More »

Getting Fit Requires Good Tunes & CozyPhones

If you have been following my journey, you know that I left a very stressful job that was affecting every aspect of my life. It was too hard for one person to take and I eventually walked away. All that stress has taken a toll on my body which included gaining weight! Without time to exercise, I saw… Read More »

Pamper Yourself on a Budget

Ok, so this blog is great at saving you money on your little one but what about you? Momma needs a lot of love too so I have a few tips/tricks to keep you happy because everyone knows that a happy momma means a happy family. Hair-Raising Experience. A little-known fact, most of your “high-end” salons offer special… Read More »

$100 Back To School PayPal Giveaway

Be sure to check back for daily entry options 🙂  $100 Back To School PayPal Giveaway Hosted By Candy Crush & Snowman Butts Co-Hosted By: Amy & Aron’s Real Life Reviews, Deliciously Savvy, IMHO Views, Reviews, & Giveaways, Hints and Tips Blog, Michigan Saving and More, Daily Deals from a Nerd Mom, Your Strong Tower, Best Mmorpg 2017, That’s Just Life Sponsored By: Candy Crush & Snowman… Read More »

Birthdays on a Budget

It’s that time again….birthday parties! Sure we can all book a party for our little one at the local bounce house or Chuck.E.Cheese but this means you are spending some serious green on an event that will end before it begins. Why spend all that cash when you can have the best birthday for your little one with less stress… Read More »