Halloween on a Budget

It’s that time again – Halloween!  Though I love this holiday to pieces, my wallet does not.  Some analysts state that families – on average – spend more on Halloween than any other holiday.  Not sure I agree with that completely – looking at you Christmas – but I will admit that Halloween does do a good amount… Read More »

You Were Wrong Mom

If you have been following this blog a long time, you followed my struggle with infertility and the chance of never having another child due to the evils of PCOS. RECAP: After having my first child, we were told by doctors that the possibility of having another child would be hard without the use of invasive techniques like… Read More »

40 Something Mom’s Derma-e Skincare Review & Giveaway

In a few months, I will be 41. It is a hard number to write when I really think about it. I remember when my mom turned 40 and thinking to myself, “wow that is old”. Now, I am 40 but with different challenges than when my mom turned 40. She was dealing with one in college and… Read More »

Security on a Budget

Can you really have security on a budget? To me, it seems like you would not want to budget your family security policy but there are plenty of low-budget ways to have top level security on a limited income.  When going out in public, have that be on vacation or to the park – a little outing can… Read More »

Mom Guilt No More

My husband is sick today. He, like most men, becomes a helpless soul that needs my attention and assistance to make it through the day. He will sleep all day, make request after request to fill his water glass, request crackers and soup, and request silence. As I walk away thinking of how men can be such babies… Read More »