Our April Citrus Lane Arrived!

We received our first Citrus Lane package and it was rather exciting. A large collection of items from great businesses. In the next two weeks, I plan to do an individual review of each item that was included in the box. Both a mama’s perspective and the baby’s perspective. If you’re interested in learning more about Citrus Lane,… Read More »

Happy July….what happened

Each month, your favorite savvy thrifty organic living momma writes a blog on some topic about saving money and making great choices for your family. Well, this month is different. Different because this mom before you got busy. Oh the horror! It was bound to happen eventually. It is hard taking care of a family and working a… Read More »

I Have One HappyTot!

Well, yours truly actually won a contest! Its true, I won a contest for a whole basket full of products from organic superfoods genius’s Happy Family Brands. I received a wide assortment of goodies that the kid and I were ready to try. We are an organic family and I am big on “low to no” processed foods.… Read More »

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

It’s that time again….birthday parties! Sure we can all book a party for our little one at the local bounce house or Chuck.e.Cheese but means you are spending some serious green an an event that will end before it begins. Why spend all that cash when you can have the best birthday for your little one with less… Read More »

Momma Love

Ok, so this blog is great at saving you money on your little one but what about you? Momma needs lot of love too so I have a few tips/tricks to keep you happy. Because everyone knows that a happy momma means a happy family. 1 – Hair-Raising Experience. A little known fact, most of your “high-end” salons… Read More »