Feeding an Army of 3

I have 3 hungry mouths to feed – well 2 younger kids and MatchDad.  Either way you slice it or dice it, I have a very hungry household.  The sheer volume of food I place in their bellies on a daily basis is mind blowing and I know that my grocery bill will only rise as their ages increase. Sure –… Read More »

To CSA or Not CSA – That is the Question

Tis the seasons for CSA signup.  Not familiar with the term CSA?  A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a program setup by local farms across the region. You sign up for a seasonal subscription to the CSA farm, and in return you receive weekly produce packages picked-up or delivered fresh from the farm. It is a great way… Read More »

Tips to Reap the Rewards!

In a time where everything we do seems to be tracked, why not make a little money from it. I am very protective of my family’s “footprint” in society. I rarely sign up to be a part of “tracking” programs that track my purchases. Though, I have several grocery cards. They track all my purchases and send me… Read More »

Summer Camp? But Baby Its Cold Outside

I live in the DC metro area which means lots of demand with little supply.  With so many people crammed into a small area, you have to be quick and smart about your choices.  One of those choices is summer camp.  Now, I know you are saying…”But it is January and winter.  Summer camp really?”  I am here to tell… Read More »

Mom Is The Loneliest Job That You’ll Ever Do

In the beginning, the mom is the most celebrated person in the house….next to the new baby of course. Everyone wants to congratulate the mom on her amazing birthing skills and ability to create such a beautiful child. After a few weeks, life continues for others but this title of “mom” sticks with you. It is a badge… Read More »