Tips on Buying a New or Used Car

SPONSORED POST As much as we may hate to do it – there comes a time when you have to go out and buy a new (or newer) car. I know I am dreading that day. I have had the same car – which I love – for over 14 years and I do not plan to trade… Read More »

Do You Woo With WooBamboo?

My journey to create a more eco-friendly home started with the birth of my first child in 2006. Back then, it was hard to find everyday products that fit my goals of being more eco-conscious and living healthier. 11 years later, I have been able to make those desired changes with so many products in my home but not… Read More »

Summer Learning

So school is out and the summer drain is upon us. As the summer lingers on, my boys forget more and more about all the amazing things they learned the previous school year – by choice of course. Unfortunately, we live in a different time than when we were kids. Competition is high and kids are forced to… Read More »

Shark Week At Home

I think everyone loves Shark Week! It is an exciting time of watching those near death experiences that get your heart pumping. Though exciting, these shows can be scary for our littlest members of our tribe. Here are some great ideas to involve the family and make Shark Week a learning experience for all! Check out these super… Read More »