Summer Learning

So school is out and the summer drain is upon us. As the summer lingers on, my boys forget more and more about all the amazing things they learned the previous school year – by choice of course. Unfortunately, we live in a different time than when we were kids. Competition is high and kids are forced to… Read More »

Shark Week At Home

I think everyone loves Shark Week! It is an exciting time of watching those near death experiences that get your heart pumping. Though exciting, these shows can be scary for our littlest members of our tribe. Here are some great ideas to involve the family and make Shark Week a learning experience for all! Check out these super… Read More »

Your Fighting Is My Reminder of My Blessings

My boys are reaching that age where they fight. They fight about toys. They fight about space on the couch. They fight over just about anything you toss in front of them. Between the fights are the play times. The times they play with Legos and cars are quiet. No drama. Over the weekend, I was in another… Read More »

Spring Break “On The Way” Travel List

So traveling with kids is hard. Like really hard. We drove over 14 hours (over 2 days) to Florida and we survived. We had some tricks up our sleeves which helped us survive the long trip. This is my list of survival items that will help vacation start the moment you enter the car… 1 – Snacks Snacks… Read More »