Octopus Approach Job #6: Techie Skills

By | December 18, 2015

OA_TechMost of you know that in my current job life, I am an IT geek through and through. I guess you can say I’m a “Jane of all trades”. I design websites, program, manage servers, provide desktop support – just an all around techie mom. As I step out of the day to day techie world and into the exciting world of independent techie, I plan to use my skills to the fullest. I realize that this post may not pertain to some of you but the message I am trying to send out is…find your skill and use it in your octopus approach to make serious income for you and your family.

Some of my techie approaches are::::

Selling Skills: I have been selling my programming skills on tutoring sites to help out those needing assistance. Some of my favorite sites I work for are Cramshark and Just Answers. Just Answers has other areas that you can make money in besides IT goodies so it is worth checking out.

Selling Sites: If you have some development skills, sites like BlueHost are a great place to take your WordPress site to the next level. I did this last month and the transition was seamless. I have been helping others design and develop websites as a way to make some extra income. The combination of WordPress and BlueHost makes it an affordable combo for your clients. Be sure to use Ebates when signing your clients up to BlueHost and earn yourself an extra $10 spot!

Selling Looks: FOAP is a mobile app that allows you to upload and sell your mobile pictures. FOAP sells them for $10 and you make $5! It is really that easy. Your photos are purchased as stock photos for others to use. Do not let that sunset picture sit on your phone, make money from it.

Selling Knowledge: Many sites like Freelancer and WorkMarket let your put your skills to the test. You can bid on jobs and make money when you want to by taking on these small tasks. The pay is competitive and the freedom is priceless.

Sometimes making an extra income does not start with doing what you love but with doing what you know. Go after what you know and use that to get you one step closer to what you love.

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