Octopus Approach Job #4: Referral Programs

By | September 11, 2015

Even before I started with the octopus approiach to raise money, I was involved in affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are programs setup by businesses to reward you for bringing them additional business.  For example, you really like buying chocolate bars. The business you buy from offers you an incentive. For each person you bring to the site to buy a chocolate bar, you get one free chocolate bar. Now, if you are spending $40/month on chocolate bars that might be some incentive to work on convincing your friends and family to start buying chocolate bars too.

Many businesses have moved to affiliate programs as a way to market their products. We all know that word of mouth travels much faster and provides more results so why the heck not.  There are so many affiliate programs out there. Everything from fingernail polish to food. It is all available for the taking as long as you are willing to work for it. If you are a large user of social media, this is the best way to advertise. The business will usually provide you a unique link you can use that will track clicks. Some businesses offer free products while others offer cash. Either way, an affiliate program from your favorite online vendors is a great way to get free goodies and cold hard cash.

Here is a list of my favorite affiliate programs. Yes, clicking these and signing up will benefit me and help me to keep this blog funded so please click and sign up.

EBATES: You get $5 for each person you refer. They have a promotion now that allows you to earn $50 for signing 2 friends up. Now that is an amazing deal! I add this one to my twitter feed weekly and have earned a good income from referrals.

SWAGBUCKS: One of the most popular survey sites out there.  Earn points that can be converted into gift cards and cash!

IBOTTA: This grocery store app that I love will earn you $2 for each person who signs up from your link and cashes a rebate. They can also join your “team” which allows you both to earn rewards and money faster!

SHOPKICK: I love this shopping app. You can earn points for gift cards. When you have 3 friends sign up, you earn 2000 points which can be used for gift cards.

INBOX DOLLARS: For each person that signs up with your link and completes surveys, you earn 10% of their earnings. It may not sound like much but I was able to earn $30 in less than 30 days. Just imagine if you had 10 people on your team that earned $30 each, that is $30 in your pocket.

KIWI MOM’S MEETS: For each mom/dad who signs up using your link, you earn 100 points. Points can be used for gift cards, gift packs, and more. I have been a mom ambassador for several years now and love the benefits of the program. If you are a mom, you need to be a part of this natural network.

BIO REPUBLIC SKINCARE: For each person who clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you earn 15% of their sale. What a great incentive and one of my favorite companies. Their hydration masks are life changing!

HOME OF POI: Comprehensive information about poi, staff and twirling, including animated lessons, discussion forums, building instructions, articles and a shop. Earn 20% from sales!

What is your favorite referral program?

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