Octopus Approach Job #2: Transcribing

By | August 11, 2015


My best friend mentioned that she is going to start transcribing for extra money.  I wanted to learn more since I am looking for ways to fund my “momma stay home” fund.  After some research and chatting with friends, I decided on a few companies that seem to provide fast return on jobs and allow newbies like me to succeed.

Mechanical Turk aka MTurk: Again I am singing the praises of this amazing site.  There are many transcribing opportunities on this site ranging from .01 to $40!  Now, if you are new to the transcribing game like me, I advise keeping your jobs short and your dollar amounts low until you get the hang of transcribing.  Now that I am feeling a bit more brave, I am in the higher amounts but still keeping them small and sweet. Payment via Amazon account.

SpeechPad: I discovered SpeechPad through Mechanical Turk and signed up directly with them since they pay more per minute from their site than Mturk.  So if you are looking to do larger jobs, skip Mturk and go right to the source. More bucks for your typing. Payment made via PayPal or Mturk.

TranscribeMe: Another site that I discovered through Mturk. I am still doing the testing so I cannot respond to their pay scale or jobs but the test is rather long so I am assuming this means better quality jobs. Payment via PayPal.

QuickTate: My friend, who turned me on to transcribing, works for QuickTate. I do not have any experience working with them but I know she had to go through testing and reference checks before she was hired to do work.  If her experience is good, I will be adding this to the list of sites.

Do you have a transcribing site you love? Please share in the comments below.

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