Octopus Approach Job #1 – Cash Crate

By | July 30, 2015


I have been doing research on different ways to get income in my house because of the life switch from FTWM to SAHM.  As I find out new ventures, I am going to be sharing them here.  This is my first profitable income approach that appears it will be a nice little income earner – Cash Crate

Cash Crate is a site allowing you to make money through paid surveys.  They have several other options like playing games, watching videos, and downloading apps all for money.  Item prices range anywhere from .01 to $25 so there is lots of income opportunity.

One feature about Cash Crate that I really like is the referral program.  You can earn some serious cash from referring friends to join you.  You earn 20% from each referral and 10% from their referrals.  As you accumulate more referrals, your percentage raises.  For me, this has been the big win.  I have been able to recruit many friends and contacts to help with my earning potential.  Is this going to be a big wage earner for us?  I am not sure yet but any amount to include in the SAHM money pot is worth it.

Start today and begin earning income today from Cash Crate!

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