Now What

By | December 13, 2015

Now that I have given notice, I am left with the “now what” question….and I love it. Of course I know what I am going to do and have developed a plan for it. I am not the type of person who can just jump without a plan. Still, this is the first time in my life where I have thrown caution to the wind and just jumped. I know that I am going to land perfectly on my feet. Before I begin this journey, I need to heal me. Over the last 5+ years, I have pushed my body to the limit. I have not allowed my body to heal from the stress, anxiety, the birth of my son, and the death of my father. I really need to take some time to chill. My plan for “healing, on a budget of course, is:

YOGA YOGA YOGA: I plan on yoga at least 2-3 x a week if not more.  I have a membership with a studio, thanks to a dear friend, that allows me access at no cost. I need to take advantage while I can.

RUN LIKE THE WIND: It was this time last year that I discovered the high of running. I always hated running. I mean really, who really wants to run? Well, that was my thought until one fine day I was suffering from extreme anxiety and needed an outlet. The demanding need to run came over me and I told my hubby that I had to do it. I ran 2 miles that day. Nothing special, I just ran. After the run, I felt this overwhelming feeling of calm. I was hooked from the get go.  This is my free therapy

JUICE ME: Finally I can start juicing again. I rarely get a chance to do it because the baby hates the sound and I rarely have time to clean up the mess. Now I can drink my juices and begin to heal my body internally.

SLEEP: That’s right, I plan to take daytime naps and to relax for the first 2 weeks. I need to decompress and allow my body to heal.

MEDITATE: Even if only for a few minutes a day, I need some meditation healing. I have a few great apps and I look forward to using them.

These are my goals to start with. I need to allow myself to heal inside and out before I can begin to take over the world.

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