Why I Won’t Buy New Clothing for My Family

By | January 22, 2016


When it comes to clothing for my family, we like quality. We like soft material. We like things that last. Traditionally, this is not true when buying from a mass retailer like a Wal-mart or Kohls. The clothing tends to be cheaply made, thin, and will not make it through one rough playtime session with my boys. I am not mass retailer shaming nor am I being a snob. I’m just honest. Why should I spend the money on cheap clothes when I can get the quality and name brand I want from a thrift shop?

That’s right – I am giving up the secrets of this family. I am making a confession that may make some of you wrinkle up your noses. My name is Heidi and I dress my family in used clothing. Gasp!

It is interesting that some look at used clothing as gross. I actually had one person say to me, “how do you wear clothing a person died in?”. Ok, that seems to be a bit extreme. Another person commented, “why are you buying those clothes? You are taking them away from poor people who need them.” Let me address this issue head on.

If I do not buy the clothes from the thrift shop, then they sit there. The thrift shop, which sells clothing to help battered women or the homeless cannot support their cause without my purchases. My purchases help the cause they are being sold for. So I am not taking away from those in need, I am helping those in need receive the services they so desperately need and depend on.

Why buy used? Because I can save so much money and dress my family in name brand clothing I would not otherwise be able to afford. We are not talking just any brands, we are talking Mini Boden, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Uggs, and more. Major brands at 70-95% off retail. They are out there waiting for you at a thrift shop near you! Click here to see a list of thrift shops in your area.

I do have one golden rule that I follow when shopping at a thrift shop…I only buy name brand clothing that have value. I will spend $3 on a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt but I will not spend that on a Sonoma (Kohls brand) shirt because I can usually get that shirt on sale NEW for $3 or less at the store. Another reason for my rule? I usually resell the clothing on Ebay which means I need name brand items that hold value. I am guaranteed to get good wear out of a Ralph Lauren shirt and still sell it for $8-$12 which is a profit for me! You always want your clothes to make you money!

Still feeling a little uneasy about the thrift shop? Worried that the neighbors might start talking if you are seen walking out of one? Fear not. There are plenty of other methods you can use to dress your family in designer duds on a budget. Check out my article about the topic.

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