Mother of All Baby Showers

By | March 31, 2017

I was never really sure if I would have kids. I was always on the fence of whether I wanted kids or to keep my lifestyle.  Obviously I chose the kids.  Here I am with 2 amazing boys and loving every minute of motherhood – even during the yuk times. When I started this “mom” journey, I did not have many friends that had children and I found myself alone and confused when I walked into a Babies R Us.  I wanted quality but where do I start?

I wish amazing events like the Mother Of All Baby Showers were around when I started this journey. I have several friends that are starting this journey now. I was excited when I was invited to attend this event as a blogger and to learn more about the new products for babies and toddlers..

As I rolled up to the Tyson’s Corner Sheraton, I knew I was in for a treat. There are several MOAB events around the country but only Northern Virginia hosted the Luxury Edition of this event.  Living in the most expensive area in the country does have its benefits. Advertised as “the posh event of the year”, it did not disappoint.

I checked in and was greeted with the most amazing Mother Of All Swag Bags which included a Baby K’Tan Diaper BagBaby Jack & Company lovey, Solu Publishing premier membership, and so much more!

My first stop in the main room was with Chicco. Did you know that their name is pronounced (Key-Co)? I am in the market for a toddler seat next year and I have always loved the sleek designs Chicco creates and they did not disappoint. The fit2 is a one stop carseat that your child can use – facing backwards – from birth to age 2! Chicco has some amazing innovative products currently hitting the market so check them out. They are a trusted brand and the quality is there.

I love their toddler seats and plan to purchase one in the coming months, once my little man outgrows his seat and moves to the “big boy booster”. Goodness they grow so dang fast! Where does the time go?

Beyond national brands like Babies R’ Us and Baby K’Tan, there were some local vendors like Little Oaks Montessori Academy in Herndon. LOMA is taking Montessori to the next level with their innovative programs for children. Children are exposed to programs attending to all levels of education including math, science, cultural, sensory, and understanding the world around them. Ms. Lisa Shaw, the director, was able to provide me a wonderful understanding of this great school scheduled to open in the fall. For my local readers, I highly recommend you check out this school and take your child’s education to the next level.

There were so many amazing vendors present and the food was phenomenal! The event also featured speakers from all areas of expertise including the amazing Maria Bailey – who I was really excited about – speaking about the future of blogging!

The last presentation of the evening was Solu Publishing. Solu allows you to capture the moment into your own storytelling movie! Combining the your voice and text with your of images, gifs and videos, Solu makes your stories come to life. I am very excited to try out Solu and will be sharing my results in a future post.

I wish I could capture all the beauty and education that was pumped into this event. It was extremely informative, visually appealing, and I walked away with a lot of information that I will pass to my mommy friends just entering the mommy life.

To find an event in your area, visit the website at Mother Of All Baby Showers. Tickets are required to attend but I guarantee that this will be an event you will remember.

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