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By | September 1, 2012

While I was pregnant, I worked a full-time job that required me to visit government client sites for meetings. Basically, this required me to have plenty of dress-up clothes that were tasteful and conservative. I admit, I am cheap. I did not want to spend the money for these items that I would wear once and then never wear again. I just knew there was a way to dress appropriate without wearing the same thing over and over and within my budget. Here are a few ideas that I used to dress fashionably (with name brand designer clothes) without the cost.

1 – Thrift stores. I was able to score several pieces of professional attire for rock bottom prices. Many of these blouses, pants, and skirts were from Mimi Maternity and Pea In A Pod.

2 – Bella Bands. I cannot say enough about this amazing item. This has actually become my new gift for all my new mommy friends. Another great thing – you can share them. Throughout my pregnancy, I borrowed my friend’s Bella Bands. She was no longer using them and I was in need. These bands allowed me to wear jeans until my 6th month.

3 – Look in your closet. For me, I like to wear a lot of low waist pants. These items were life-savers. I was able to expand my wardrobe for almost 7 months. I am also a fan of the Chico’s Traveler’s collection. Their items are made of a spandex/acetate blend that has lots of stretch. I was able to wear all my Chico’s items through my pregnancy. Now, most retailers sell this blend of fabric and it can be found for sale at discount stores and thrift shops.

4 – Buy basics. I saw all these cute outfits with matching pants and shirts. As much as I liked the look, I knew that I would never be able to match those pants with another top. I bought basics like white shirts and black pants. That way – I could mix and match and no one would know. Add some jewelry and a pin and you have made a new look.

5 – Buy on sale. Many retailers like Motherhood Maternity have major sale racks. If you are 3 months pregnant in summer, you know that you will be needing sweaters. Even though it is 90 degrees outside, buy those sweaters and basics on the sale rack. Your wallet will thank you.

6 – Borrow from friends. I kept all my maternity clothing – every last piece. I did this not only for the future but for my friends. Borrowing and loaning is the best way to expand your wardrobe on a budget.

7 – Buy now. I know a lot of people say, do not buy until you are pregnant. Sure, I understand but you may be able to find great deals while you are still “trying”. Buy items that are deep discounted or at thrift stores now, before the baby rush. You can always buy basics like pants, skirts, and t-shirts. That way – you will be prepared when the belly begins to grow.

I was able to dress professional and casual with many different clothing options for under $100. The best part? Many of these items were either name brand or items within my closet. I looked great and people thought that I spent a fortune on clothing. Always keep them guessing.

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