Have Baby Will Travel

By | November 1, 2012

Another fun topic that makes its way to every baby site on the web – traveling with your baby. This the season to begin plannng and wondering – how will you do this?

Traveling with a child is not cheap and – if you are like me – the idea of a “staycation” is a complete nightmare. So what should a mother – and/or father do? Like any good boy scout – you need to be prepared. The airfare is going to be expensive, the hotel will be expensive, all that food will be expensive. But – you can travel and look the part without the big bucks.

1 – Scope out baby travel gear during the fall season. This takes a little planning but you can scrape up some good deals if you look for them. I purchased a brand name babyseat travel bag for $6 from Wal-Mart because it was during an off-season. Now – I had no plans to travel but – if I did – will now be able to lug that huge child seat through the airport with a little more ease. Wheels are good!

2 – Scope out the freecycle boards. As I mentioned before, Freecycle and Craigslist is your place to pick up goodies like unused swim diapers and clothing.

3 – After season sales. Many places like drup stores will put their sunscreen on sale after the summer season. Now – this stuff has an expiration date but it is usually good for another year or two so stock up in the winter and be waiting for the summer sun.

4 – Find a good travel agent. There are deals all the time for 1/2 price toodler airfare and “kids stay free” hotel deals. Your travel agent can make you aware of the deals as they arise so you can act fast.

5 – If you do not have school age kids – travel in the off season. If you travel the next week – after labor day – you can save yourself 40-60% on airfare, hotel, food, and shopping. Along with all of this – you avoid the long lines and th tons of people.

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