Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health Review

By | November 19, 2015

I was selected to complete an “express” review of Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health sponsored by Mom’s Meet.  This could not have come soon enough. I live on adrenaline.  The combination of a stressful job, busy boys, and a demanding environment all have been wearing down on me.

gaia2Before the supplements were delivered, I did my research. I learned that these supplements are vegetarian, dairy, and gluten free.  The company also strives to make sure most supplements are organic and ecologically harvested. Gaia also has a “Meet Your Herbs” program. Each bottle features a unique ID which provides you information on where your herbal supplements originated from, how they were grown, harvested, extracted and validated for purity, integrity and potency.  You can see my bottle’s unique path here! I love Gaia’s transparency. Everything I wanted to know was right at my fingertips and I like that. Based on all I saw, I was ready to sample.


gaia3The sample kit arrived with wonderful information about my supplement and a sample to share.  Reading the instructions, I was not overly pleased with the suggested dosage amount – 2 pills 2 times a day.  This would mean that my 60 capsule bottle would only last me 15 days which is not really ideal for someone on a budget. Because I was being a bit cautious, I decided to only take one and see how it works.

One hour after taking the pill, I had a calmness come over me that I have not felt in years. I felt my brain begin to relax and my body to begin to let go. The amazing part was that through this “zen” moment, I never felt tired. I was able to think clearly and much better without the anxiety.

It was several hours before I began to feel the magic power of the supplement to begin to fade. I decided to take one more and I was right back to my happy, relaxed, zen state.

gaia1The true test came Monday – going back to work. I have horrible anxiety with my job and often start Monday morning with extreme shaking and streaks of adrenaline. After I entered work, I ate my breakfast and took 2 pills. Within an hour, my shaking had stopped and I was feeling so calm and relaxed. I was able to think clearly and was actually more motivated than usual. It was such a rewarding feeling to feel like “me” again and I have Gaia to thank.

Overall, I have decided that this is now a “must have” in my vitamin cabinet. This is not something I will take daily but I will take as needed.

Thank you Gaia Herbs and Mom’s Meet for this wonderful opportunity. You have transformed my life.


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