By | May 27, 2016

If you have been following this blog, you have been following my journey. In January, I left a stressful job that left me emotionally and physically drained. I was struggling to survive. We made an executive decision to take a salary hit and just allow me to “heal” from all this. January 29th, I quit my stressful job.

I was writing about the many Octopus Approaches that I was taking on just to bring in any amount of money.  They were helpful in allowing us to live our lifestyle without too much change. Sure, we stopped eating out and made some changes that greatly impacted our bottom line and it was all worth it. A budget is a smart way to live and the “lean” moments really help you evaluate your lifestyle and spending habits. This was a great test for us as a family and we are stronger for it.

Fast forward to March. I had been without a paycheck for a little over a month and was wondering if I should attempt to go back to the workforce or continue to heal. That is when an angel fell into my lap. Ok maybe not into my lap literally but you get the idea. I had a “mommy lunch” with a great friend I met when my oldest was attending private kindergarten. She has been such a wonderful person to know and I enjoy talking with her. She was aware of my “journey” since she too had done a similar journey just one year prior. After our discussion, she told me that when I am ready to let her know because she may have a new job for me.

What did she say? A new job? Was I ready?

After discussing the opportunity and realizing that I would become a work at home mom with a better salary – than my old job – and better work environment – which was home – I agreed to make the jump. It has been the best career decision I have ever made. I occasionally have day trips to HQ but that is ok. Those small sacrifices allow me the flexibility to pick up my kids after school. That flexibility allows me to close my computer at the end of the day and focus on my family. No more late night calls or daily office trips. I am homebound and loving my decision.

So – I wanted to place this out there to let my followers know that I am not giving up on budget living.

Though we are back to a comfortable lifestyle, I am going to continue to keep us on our “budget plan” and share our journey with you. No matter what your lifestyle or income, a budget is just smart family business. It is like eating healthy, it is a diet when you need to but a way of life. We will continue to live it each day and reap the rewards of our thriftiness.

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