Feed the Monster

By | January 1, 2013

Ok – I am not saying that babies are monsters but they do often have healthy appetites. My little guy can often eat more than me or my husband! Before you start dropping tons of money on gourmet baby foods and little food gadgets, here are a few tips to save you some dough!

1. Breastfeed if you can. Not only is this the most healthy for you and baby – it is also the cheapest! Le Leche states that breastfeeding for 6 months will save you over $500. Money that would have been spent on formula. Breastfeeding is also the easiest way to get through those nighttime feedings. I realize not all ladies are capable of doing this but PLEASE try. BTW – I was a full-time working mother who traveled and I still breastfeed my son until 10 months old!

2. Make your own. I am an organic mommy. I hated the idea of buying pureed carrots for $1.00 when I knew I could get a whole bag of organic carrots for $1.99. Making baby food is easy and there are lots of recipes on the web to help.

3. Freeze that food. Ok, so you made a huge amount of baby food, now what. You can freeze it! Put the baby food into ice trays and freeze. Each cube is a 1 ounce serving of homemade baby food. Grab what you need – when you need it – and be on your way. Just make sure you don’t accidentally add a peas cube to your lemonade.

4. Kids eat free. Take advantage of those restaurant deals when going out. I have a list of restaurants posted at my house which states the “free” days. That way – if I am going to run errands during lunch time – I know which restaurant is the perfect lunchtime stop.

5. Send me the goods. Coupons and free samples are your friends. There are plenty of great deals out there – you just need to ask. Take advantage of these great coupons or call up the manufacturers you like and request free samples. Most of the time, they will send them.

6. Don’t believe the hype. Why spend $3 on a small bottle of baby apple juice when you can buy a large bottle of Organic apple juice for the same price? Some things are especially made for baby but some things can easily be substituted.

Happy New Year and enjoy the savings.

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