Did You Say Free?

By | February 1, 2013

You too can save a ton of money with free items for your baby. These free items are available to anyone – regardless of your income. It just takes a few clicks on the keyboard and some patience.

1 – Freecycle. If you have Freecycle in your area, sign up now! You can get lots of free goodies for your baby that are used or new. I managed to secure unused diapers, pregnancy books, and a Boppy. When my baby was bigger, I paid it forward and freecycled items that I no longer needed. It is a great resource.

2 – Coupons. Sign up for free coupons from diaper and formula manufactures. These manufactures want your business and these coupons (especially the check style) can be combined to give you free diapers, lotion, shampoo, and formula. Just sign up for the mailing lists on the websites.

3 – Just pick up the phone. I called the Lansinoh headquarters to see if they would ship me some free samples. Guess what, a huge box of samples came to my door a few days later. There is no harm in calling and the numbers are usually toll free so the only thing that is required is time. Most numbers can be found on the company’s website.

4 – Breastfeed. I realize that this is not an option to some women but I highly recommend that you try it if you can. Not only are there a long list of health benefits for the mom and baby, there is also a big savings to be made. In a 12 month period, you will spend $1,000-$2,000 on formula. That does not include the cost of bottles. Breastfeeding is not easy, at first, but it is a great way to save a lot of money and it is free. As a working mother, I breastfeed my baby until his 10th month. It is hard but working mothers can do it.

5 – Make it at home. You can make baby food at home the quick and easy way. You can also save yourself a large amount of money doing this. There is lots of information on the web about making baby food. You can also just request a book on Freecycle.

6 – Network. Talk to friends and other mothers in the area. It is a guarantee that your friend’s baby will grow out of diapers and clothes. This is a great way to snag some free items.

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