Consignment Sale Success

By | October 8, 2015

Last weekend for me was consignment sale weekend with Just Between Friends. I have been selling my goodies through JBF for the last 2 years with great success. Each event has netted me around $250 and I am slated to hit the $300 this weekend. How do I do it? What makes for a successful consignment?

Here are a few of my secrets to success.

1 – Do your research: I checked out several of the consignment events in my area before I jumped in. I looked to see which ones had the most traffic and the most Facebook/Twitter followers. For me it was Just Between Friends of Loudoun. They seemed to get the most traffic and was very organized.

2 – Sign up and Tag…ALL YEAR LONG: Don’t wait till the last minute, tag your items all year long. I have storage bins full of clothing tagged and ready to be sold at the next JBF event. Pre-tagging before the event makes the process less stressful.

3 – Volunteer: So my local JBF offers 55% return on your clothes but that goes up to 70% if you volunteer at least 4 hours. Volunteering is great! You get to see the merchandise first hand and even meet some like-minded parents.

4 – Hunt Down Deals: I admit it. I go shopping at thrift shops and consignment stores picking up all the namebrand items to resell at the consignment sale. For example, I was able to pick up a Ralph Lauren overall set complete with logos on the straps for $1. I packed it away and will pull that out for the spring sale. I plan to mark that up in the $10-$12 range. If I am able to sell it for $10, I will make – after commission – $7. That’s a $6 profit. It may not sound like much to start but it does add up quick.

5 – Presentation: When trying to sell your goodies, presentation is key. Make sure the clothes are clean, not wrinkled, buttoned up, and looking their best. I have been able to move items at a higher price over others only because my clothes look the best.

6 – Keep the Wrapping: Every baby toy I buy, I keep the packaging if I can. Of course the shrink wrap packaging won’t keep but if it comes in a nice bag or box, keep it! You can ask a higher price and the item is pretty much guaranteed to sell.

What are your favorite consignment sale tips? Please post them below.

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