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Security Officer Mom

With the warmer weather upon us, I begin to think about vacation. The idea of relaxing near a beach with the sun in my face and the sand in my toes. Just the gentle sound of the ocean crashing against the shore. Then I am shot to reality. Funds are extremely tight and that “dream” vacation is just… Read More »

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

It’s that time again….birthday parties! Sure we can all book a party for our little one at the local bounce house or Chuck.e.Cheese but means you are spending some serious green an an event that will end before it begins. Why spend all that cash when you can have the best birthday for your little one with less… Read More »

Momma Love

Ok, so this blog is great at saving you money on your little one but what about you? Momma needs lot of love too so I have a few tips/tricks to keep you happy. Because everyone knows that a happy momma means a happy family. 1 – Hair-Raising Experience. A little known fact, most of your “high-end” salons… Read More »

Living in a Digital World

As our babies grow, so do their needs. It seems everything gets bigger and more expensive. In todays world of iPads and iPhones, our lil ones become IT experts right before our eyes. This need for technology grows and before you know it, you are being wrapped into the “digital trap” with nowhere to turn. Still, your toddler’s… Read More »

Did You Say Free?

You too can save a ton of money with free items for your baby. These free items are available to anyone – regardless of your income. It just takes a few clicks on the keyboard and some patience. 1 – Freecycle. If you have Freecycle in your area, sign up now! You can get lots of free goodies… Read More »