How I Paid Cash for Our Disney Trip

By | June 26, 2018

That is right – I am using cash to pay for a 4 day trip to Disney and you can too.

First, let me be honest and let you know that it took me exactly 2.5 years to save enough money to cover the travel, hotel, 4 days at Disney and 2 days at LegoLand Florida.

How did It do it? Here is a breakdown of a few ways:

Selling at Consignment Sales
I not only valet tag items for people but I also sell my own items. I sell 2 times a year at Just Between Friends consignment sales!

I used CashCrate to earn Disney gift cards through surveys and watching videos. It was easy to do during down time or when in between appointments.

I found transcribing a great way to make extra money. I did this during downtime or when watching tv. It was super easy and actually fun. The more I did it, the faster my typing improved so there is benefit out of all of this.

Selling Sites
I sold all my old items on sites like eBay and PoshMark. It was a great way to clean out my closets and make some extra money to go into the Disney account.  Facebook yard sale sites are also a great way to clear out clutter and make extra money

Save Your Loose Change
I know this sounds silly but it really works. We saves all our loose change in a jar. Every 3 months, I took it to the bank to deposit. It was such an easy way to make extra money fast. This was fun for the kids too – they helped in contributing their loose change to the jar.

Marriott Credit Card – Free rooms
I signed up for a Marriott credit card and used it to make holiday purchases. I would make sure to pay it off after each month so I did not incur more fees due to high interest rates. I was able to earn enough points for 4 nights free at a hotel right next to Disney! Retail value of the rooms is around $800 in savings!

***I PAY TAXES on every business venture that I start/run/work. This is not an opportunity to make “FREE MONEY”. I believe in being honest and doing things the RIGHT WAY. Any new businesses that I develop are legally registered businesses in the US and in my county. I pay taxes on ALL MY EARNINGS. Please develop a relationship with a Tax Expert and do this all the LEGAL way***

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