The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Amazon Black Friday

By | November 21, 2016

This thrifty mom loves Amazon Black Friday! That is the one time of year when I am glued to the computer and the boys know to leave mommy alone! I have been working hard all year raising money through Mechanical Turk for this event. Why is it so important? It is a deal finders dream come true. Every hour, new deals are released that will blow your mind. Now, not every deal is amazing but you can pickup some amazing deals for next to nothing. Last year I picked up this gem:


Skip Hop Zoo Pack Backpack and Straw Bottle
Regular Amazon Price: $28.00 + Free Prime Shopping
Black Friday Deal: $4.97 + Free Prime Shipping

The key to getting the deal is……

1 – Get a subscription to Prime. You will be able to get access to special deals before the regular public
2 – Click fast. These deals are limited and will close fast. I have seen deals close under a minute so you need to click fast.
3 – Shop with a friend. If two deals come up in the same time period, you may need a friend to help you with the clicking.

Ok, I know a Prime membership may be out of your budget. I believed that too until I saw the deals I can get. Also, thanks to Mechanical Turk, I make enough to pay for my membership so IT IS FREE!!!  I also get my diapers delivered to my house for 20% off which is actually cheaper than Costco.

Have a student in college? They can get a membership for 50% off and 6 months FREE! So there are many ways to acquire a membership for little or no money.

What is holding you back? Get your membership and a big cup of coffee because Black Friday Deals are almost here!!!

BONUS: Don’t forget about Ebates when you are shopping. Free money is waiting to be earned!

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