My Health Baby Home Party from Seventh Generation

By | June 26, 2016


I had the wonderful opportunity to host a Healthy Baby Home Party! This party allowed me to share with my parenting group the importance of using safe and non-toxic household cleaning supplies. The information did not stop there. We watched an informative video called “A Wake-Up Story” which you can watch too! We played a bingo game which opened the door to discussion about How to improve indoor air quality, manage pests in your garden, and which produce to buy organic. Prizes like a full package of Seventh Generation diapers, wipes, dish detergent, and a Bobble Infuse were made available to bingo winners and as a door prize.

Did you know that the typical household cleaning products you have in your home aren’t required to list the ingredients on the label? We have a right to know what we are bringing into our home, and the products we are cleaning with. The truth is that the majority of these products on the market aren’t safe for our home or for our families. The ingredients in common household items are toxic to our health, and lead to common childhood illness, such as asthma, allergies, and even behavioral disorders such as ADHD/ADD.

Thank you to Seventh Generation for this opportunity. I was able to provide my guests with goodie bags filled with great information regarding the #comeclean initiative, a Seventh Generation starter kit, and samples from Plum Organics, Seventh Generation, American Meadows, and Zarbee.  This learning opportunity really opened our eyes to the evils lurking in our houses. This party gave us the tools we need to live a clean life for our families.

You can find out more about this #comeclean action at

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