6 Things In Front of You That Can Be Sold On eBay

By | February 23, 2016


I am always looking for ways to make money with things around the house. I swear I look at a broken toy and wonder how much it is selling on eBay. Its just how I think. Others see trash while I see dollar signs. That being said, I wanted to share with you my trash to treasure list that may just surprise you. I can’t honestly say that I have sold any of these items but after this research, I just might.


Box Tops: Schools often sponsor “box top” contests where the class that has the most box tops wins a prize. The most competitive people in the world are parents so you better bet there are box tops available for you to purchase so your little angel can be the class winner.


Empty Alcohol Bottles: Make some money from that New Year’s Eve after party and sell those empty bottles. Crafters and collectors alike are in need of your empties so drink up!


Nature: Head out to the park or your favorite forest and collect pine cones to sell on eBay! People are paying large sums of money to have authentic pine cones and leaves from your backyard. Look around, you might just be raking up a gold mine.


Old Coffee Mugs: Coffee mugs are like rabbits, they seem to multiply over night and take over your space. The good news is, you may have a collector’s mug that may be worth thousands.


Old Magazines: Did you know that collectors may want to buy your old magazines? eBay is full of bidders trying to get a hold of old issues of newspapers and magazines. Now that stack of magazines in the corner many be worth a fortune.


Toilet Paper Rolls: This was the biggest surprise to me. People actually pay big money for empty toilet paper rolls.  The way this family goes through toilet paper, we should be millionaires.


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