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By | November 10, 2016

Well the cold is rushing in and that means we will be inside the house more. With small boys and cats, that means a lot of dust and dander in the air. I never really thought about air quality in the home as being toxic until I spoke with a company that makes these super fancy – and expensive – air filtration systems. Yes, they are shiny and slim and state of the art but my wallet was screaming WAIT! I knew there had to be a reasonable way to improve the air quality in my home without spending thousands of dollars doing it.

I reached out to a friend that owns an HVAC company and asked this simple question – what one affordable thing can I do to improve the air quality in my home? He then asked the question – Do you change your air filters often? “Of course I do”, I thought – until I checked it. It had been 6 months since it had been changed. 6 MONTHS! How did I miss this? Well, there are many reasons..

– Life had gotten in the way of actually remembering to do this.
– I have an odd sized filter which means I can’t just drive over to a Home Depot and buy a filter. It has to be ordered.

That is when I learned about FilterEasy. FilterEasy is a filter subscription service that delivers a filter of my choice to my home as often as I prefer. Brilliant! I no longer have to set a reminder on my phone to change the filter. I no longer have to seek a company to ship me my odd sized filter.  All this would be completed for me!  I signed up with FilterEasy and was pleased to see my filter size was available. I was able to set the delivery date and how often I would like a new filter delivered. FilterEasy recommends changing every 1-2 months but you can select up to 3 months between replacements depending on your home and lifestyle. We are a family with allergies and cats so I decided on every 2 months. There are 3 different filter types to choose from. For my home, we went with the Super Allergen filter to remove all items listed below including lead and micro allergens.


img_8963When my package arrived, it was the perfect reminder this busy mom needed. The box featured a FilterEasy sticker reminding me it was time to change my filter. Opening the package, a reminder popped up about the amazing referral program FilterEasy offers to all their clients. More information about this referral program below. After opening, I went straight to my HVAC unit and changed the filter. It was that easy. No more wondering when it needs changed. I know FilterEasy will send me a new filter when it is time.img_8964


Can I tell you, my husband LOVES this service! The job of air filter ordering usually fell on his shoulders. With his busy schedule and traveling, the need for ordering a filter was not the first thing on his mind. The life of busy working parents can be wild – this service just saved us time, money, and sanity.

img_8966How can a service like this save you money?

1 – Replacing your filters often will improve the quality and life of your HVAC unit. This will, in turn, save you money on repairs.
2 – Improving the air quality in your home means limiting illnesses and doctor visits.
3 – Use my link: and receive your first filter for FREE. That is up to a $20 savings on your first order.
4 – They have one of the BEST referral programs available! Sign up with FilterEasy and share your referral link with your friends and family. If anyone uses your link, they save $20 off their first order and you save $20 off your next order. It’s like they are paying you to share what you love!

This is, hands down, the easiest and most affordable way to improve the air quality in your home which benefits all who reside in your home. I highly recommend FilterEasy as a “must-have service” for your family. We all have to breathe so make your air clean!

SIGN UP TODAY and try FilterEasy for FREE! Yes, click the image below and receive $20 towards your order. It’s that easy!filter2

***I received a sample of FilterEasy for my honest review. All words and thoughts expressed are my own and not influenced by this free sample. This site does include referral links that I will benefit from for you purchasing this service. I appreciate you using my referral links.


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