Your Fighting Is My Reminder of My Blessings

My boys are reaching that age where they fight. They fight about toys. They fight about space on the couch. They fight over just about anything you toss in front of them. Between the fights are the play times. The times they play with Legos and cars are quiet. No drama. Over the weekend, I was in another… Read More »

Spring Break “On The Way” Travel List

So traveling with kids is hard. Like really hard. We drove over 14 hours (over 2 days) to Florida and we survived. We had some tricks up our sleeves which helped us survive the long trip. This is my list of survival items that will help vacation start the moment you enter the car… 1 – Snacks Snacks… Read More »

Mother of All Baby Showers

I was never really sure if I would have kids. I was always on the fence of whether I wanted kids or to keep my lifestyle.  Obviously I chose the kids.  Here I am with 2 amazing boys and loving every minute of motherhood – even during the yuk times. When I started this “mom” journey, I did… Read More »