Mother of All Baby Showers

I was never really sure if I would have kids. I was always on the fence of whether I wanted kids or to keep my lifestyle.  Obviously I chose the kids.  Here I am with 2 amazing boys and loving every minute of motherhood – even during the yuk times. When I started this “mom” journey, I did… Read More »

Make that Money by Saving that Money

“Make the Money. Don’t let the money make you.” – Quote from the movie Player’s Club This is where it all starts – its the budget.  We all want to to find a way to lower expenses and increase income.  Hhere are a few steps I have taken to completely transform our expenses. Start with the Spreadsheet:  I developed… Read More »

Consignment Time Is Here!

I love consignment sales. I only learned about them after my first child was born and I kick myself for not taking advantage of these amazing deals! I started selling at consignments back in 2010 as a way to clear out some of the toy clutter. Living in a high cost of living area – I was quick… Read More »